Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity - Theta Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The Campaign to Restore & Expand Malmud House

Honoring Our Past. Securing Our Future.

Giving Back While Looking Ahead:
The Malmud House at the University of Pennsylvania

Brother Leonard Malmud ('45)

Since its earliest days at 235 South 39th street, Theta Chapter has occupied a building that now houses 83 years of memories. During that time, the structure has undergone only relatively minor repairs and upgrades over the years. Consequently, due to significant infrastructure problems that followed years of ongoing deterioration, the house now requires a complete renovation. And a complete renovation requires serious investment.

The needs of current students at the University of Pennsylvania are very different now. Bike parking, wireless access, and modern security systems are just a few of the new resources that Penn undergraduates require to thrive on campus. Increased demand for membership in ZBT also exceeds the space available to live within the current building. Therefore, a newly renovated and expanded house must be created that both draws on the existing resources as well as brings fresh facilities forward that combine to create a modern home befitting of the ZBT reputation.

This renovated and expanded house will honor the legacy of our Brother Leonard Malmud (’45), who has dedicated over 50 years of service to Theta and ZBT.  Lenny was honored at ZBT’s National Convention and leadership school for the positive influence he has had on the undergraduates of Theta Chapter and his role in developing them into responsible men.

Dedication and Groundbreaking Ceremonies

Dedication Remarks

Creating the Future of the ZBT Theta Chapter:
Your Role in Our Success

Now is the time to secure ZBT’s future on the University of Pennsylvania campus and ensure that for the next 100 years, Theta Brothers have a welcoming and safe home to learn what they need, meet who they want, and celebrate as they deserve. With the updated facilities, new leadership, and transformational vision in place, Theta Chapter now needs you to make this vision for Malmud house a reality.

The first $1,000,000 in contributions will be matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to the generous challenge created by Brother Steve Cohen (’78). Brother Cohen has pledged $1 million to begin the Theta Capital Campaign, plus an additional $1 million to match the donations of other Brothers.

We cordially, fraternally, and sincerely ask you to join your fellow Theta Brothers in donating generously to the Theta Capital Campaign. every gift to the Theta Capital Campaign is appreciated and important to making the Malmud house a reality. Please review this Campaign Brochure for more information about the Campaign.

All contributions to the Theta Capital Campaign are fully tax deductible, will be made payable to the University of Pennsylvania, and will be held in a special restricted fund to be used only for our Theta Chapter’s capital improvements. You may have your regular annual contribution to the University directed to the Theta Capital Campaign.

Your gift to the Theta Capital Campaign will honor our Brother Lenny Malmud, restore beauty to our Chapter’s home, and express your appreciation for ZBT and the Theta Chapter. Dedication opportunities are available to suit a range of preferences.

To make a gift to the Theta Capital Campaign, please contact Campaign Co-Chairs Allan Bell (abell@sillscummis.com or 973-643-5988), or John Levy (johnfl1689@aol.com or 201-650-6269).

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